6 tips and trick to working from home

Since the Outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus, manufacturing industries have had to adapt to an ever-changing workday. Being essential, yet taking the precautions set by the CDC and their recommendations for social distancing technology, has become a key factor. Just like many of our customers and vendors, Bovie has implemented ways for our office employees to work remotely to help prevent possible spread. Below are a few tips and tricks Bovie’s team has discovered to help ease the transition:

1:  Maintain Regular Working Hours

Working from home allows for more flexibility in your workday, however, a key factor to staying motivated throughout the day is to maintain normal hours. If you find yourself working late one day, make up for it by sleeping in later the next.

Tip: Set alarms for your normal breaks and stick to them. Another alternative would be to use an App to track productivity such as Time Doctor or Rescue Time.

2:  Develop a Reliable Morning Routine

One of the hardest struggles of working from home is creating a reliable morning routine to get you into the chair and ready to work. Develop one that works for you and stick to it similar to when you get ready for working at the office.

Tip: Continue your morning routine the same way you did prior to working from home, instead of getting in your car to go to work, go for a walk or go get a coffee to get out of the house and come back refreshed.

3: Keep a Dedicated Workspace

Working from home is all about keeping work normalcy while being in a different place. Keeping a space dedicated solely for your work helps you keep work in your workspace and household things separate.
Tip: Setup a separate desk for when you are at work rather than using your normal computer space. This puts boundaries between work and home.

4:  Take Breaks and Leave the House

If you are new to working from home, time management can be one of the hardest things to get used to. Taking regular break helps you stay fresh if you are used to leaving the office for lunch or other breaks do the same while at home. Don’t go from working in your office space to working in your home space.

Tip: Get up and go outside. Take a walk, exercise, or just go for a quick drive to clear the head.

5:  Socialize with colleagues

Feelings of isolation and disconnect are common to those working remotely. Combat that by using the different ways of communicating with colleagues, including chat channels, phone calls and facetime meetings, to bridge the gap between work and home.

Tip: Microsoft Teams, Slack and Facebook at work are great tools to be in constant communications with those you work most with.

6:  End your Day with a Routine

Similar to how you started your day, end your day with a daily routine. Letting those that work with you that you are signing off for the night and/or clearing your workspace and changing it back to a home space are some examples. Again, consistency is key here.  Doing the same or similar things each day will reinforce the routine being associated with the end of the workday.

Bonus Tip: Little Distractions are ok!

Little Distractions are ok.  While all these tips are about keeping normalcy to your workday the most important thing is keeping everyone happy and sane! If the kids want a quick selfie with Dad while working, take a moment and take a quick selfie. Their mental health will go a long way to help yours - Here is one to brighten your day from my family to yours!

Author:  David Joyal - Sales Manager at Bovie

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