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Job Title: Production Superviser

Basic Function:

⦁ Direct, organize, assign, inspect and plan all department operations. Responsible for the implementation of all policies, practices and procedures pertaining to all assigned departments and personnel. Also, in charge of Screenmaking Department and Ink Matching Department. 

Specific Responsibilities:

1. Receive production schedule, job tickets and samples. Organize, direct, and assign work. to all Print (including ink, screen making and roll label), Fabrication and Shipping employees.

2. Inspect and approve all production prior, during and at completion of all assignments. Consistently monitor operations of all assigned areas.

3. Requisition and approve all department supply to maintain adequate inventory. Maintain all equipment on a regularly scheduled basis; repair equipment as required. Plan the installation, movement, and operation of all equipment.

4. Participate in the selection, training, and development of employees. Perform evaluations on a regular basis. Make recommendations for promotions, transfers, and salary adjustments. Discipline employees within approved guidelines.

5. Follow printer's standard operating procedure. Assure that all required elements of a job, i.e. order, prints, screens, ink, materials, arrive on time.

6. Supervise production, speed of operation and location of all department employees


Job Title: Assembly Worker – Finishing 

Basic Function:

⦁ Complete various requirements of finishing production work as well as prepare materials prior to printing, as required. 

Specific Responsibilities:

1. Operate various hand-assembly devices and tools in the Finishing Department.

2. Laminate various materials together as part of the production cycle.

3. Remove waste from parts, assemble membrane switch layers, and hand-assemble per requirements to bring job to completion.

4. Perform other duties as needed or assigned.


Job Title: Shipping Clerk

Basic Function: 

⦁ Route all shipments according to instructions, completing all required shipping documents, packing lists and certificates of compliance. Research and rectify all routing problems and questions. 

Specific Responsibilities:

1. Receive packages and documents from Quality Inspection or front office.

2. Check documents for specific shipping instructions and method, or select appropriate carrier based on package size, weight, and carrier routing.

3. Assure packages are weighed and labeled properly, and that count is accurate.

4. Complete required forms and prepare appropriate bill-of-lading for each shipment. Release packages for pick-up.

5. Assure order is correct, secure, well-protected and well-wrapped.

6. Perform other duties as needed or assigned.


COVID-19 Company Updates: We've altered the hiring process to ensure as many safety precautions as possible

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