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Bovie prints and manufactures a full array of point of purchase products. Representative of this selection are the following:

  • Wide Format Banners: All of our banners are printed on durable reinforced vinyl using solvent based inks. They are waterproof, UV resistant to prevent fading, and feature reinforced edges to prevent tears and fraying.
  • Backlit Signs: Used by banks, restaurants and other service businesses, backlit signs are printed then mounted in frame systems that provide their own light.  
  • Signage: Printed on paper, various forms of plastic sheets, sintra, etc., Bovie creates signs for windows, displays, floors, walls and many other applications.
  • Customer Supplied Parts: Customer may provide Bovie with finished goods which we enhance by printing with images which they create. Examples include products ranging from watch bands, metal parts, tools, acrylic trophies, etc.
  • Wraps and Wall Displays: Nothing can match impact of a well-designed wrap. Long used to promote goods on trucks and other vehicles, highly customized and dramatic wraps are finding their way into the POP market. They are used for everything from invigorating simple wall displays to transforming a room by covering whole walls.