Why Bovie?

Bovie has a demonstrated record of providing just what companies need from their technical printing supplier. In addition to reliable quality, dependable on time fulfillment, and competitive pricing, Bovie creates value in how it works with its customers. Our customers tell us that the following are critically important to them:

Caring, responsive staff

Bovie hires and retains—often for decades—people who routinely put the customer first. Our staff works together as a team—from ownership to the production floor-- each team member contributing in the areas they do best, with one focus: to flawlessly produce your custom parts and deliver them on time, every time.


Decades of technical printing experience

Since 1950, Bovie has provided custom printed and acrylic fabrication products to meet or exceed our customers’ requirements. We have earned our position as an industry leader through customer satisfaction, well-trained production management staff, in-house art specialists, expert technical and engineering support, and dedication to quality and timeliness. Bovie has weathered 70 years of business cycles and economic recessions, emerging from each a stronger, more competitive supplier. 


Successful, durable partnerships

Bovie continues to grow due to our dedication to product quality, competitive pricing, manufacturing expertise, and superior customer service. Bovie strives to develop close working partnerships, sharing strategic direction, innovative product ideas, and creative business practices. No matter how unique your project, or how stringent your requirements, we will create the best possible result to fit your needs.


Reliable, on time order fulfillment

We understand that nothing is more important to our customers than our commitment to deliver your parts by your requested ship date.  Orders are entered into our fully automated ERP system, making it possible to monitor them the moment of order entry to shipment.  If your preferred delivery date changes, Bovie will work diligently with you to create a new schedule to meet those needs.


Technical printing and fabrication expertise

Bovie’s familiarity with a host of materials, fabrication technologies and equipment ensures we can meet your needs to develop reliable, low-cost processes to meet your design needs. Our extensive prototyping and testing systems will allow ease of mind from concept to production.


Industry’s best customer service

Bovie’s dedicated and responsive customer service staff is equipped with the knowledge, experience and skills to address all your needs successfully the first time.  The four pillars to Bovie’s simple, yet successful practices are…

  • Listening when you speak
  • Offering suggestions or alternatives to meet project needs
  • Giving you specialized attention
  • Make promises we can keep and you can count on.


Well managed supply chain

We develop close working relationships with our suppliers that often involve purchase/supply agreements.  We expect our suppliers to treat us as we treat our customers. We ensure that suppliers maintain high quality standards by matching product specifications to customer needs, inspecting incoming materials, conducting in-process product performance testing, and continuing reexamination of rework and quality control records.


Unsurpassed Quality

Bovie has a strong reputation for providing quality products. We are constantly improving our quality standards and processes. Working closely with our customers’ quality and engineering staff, we have been able to integrate their best practices into our processes to benefit all our customers.


Flexible financial practices

Bovie is committed to working with its partners to drive out the costs of any transaction that does not directly contribute value to the end customer. We are committed to developing business practices that  minimize costs, including customized ordering, inventory agreements, invoicing patterns, and simplified financial terms.


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