Mission Statement

We are committed to continuously improve our position as a leading supplier of customized, technical printed products, and plastic fabrication parts. We consistently consult with our customers to develop an understanding of their needs, then use those insights to enhance the customer experience.  Serving manufacturers who require extraordinary attention to detail, on time deliveries, the highest possible quality, and competitive prices - we are driven to find solutions that succeed.


Value Proposition

Established in 1950, Bovie is the leading supplier of technical printed parts and plastic fabrication in Northeastern New England, manufacturing overlays, labels, membrane switches, printed circuitry and other products for customers in the region and beyond. For decades, we have been dedicated to working closely with our customers, using our time-tested knowledge and wide range of services to provide the optimal printing experience. We have built a strong legacy of delivering quality products and services, supporting collaboratively revealed insights with actions.


Supporting Principles

Understand Customer Needs

We commit to learn what your unique organization needs to succeed.  With more than six decades of industry experience, you can depend on our strengths as a printing and fabrication provider, our ability to produce high quality projects, and our determination to find innovative solutions.  We are dedicated to further develop the depth of our understanding with one central objective:  to understand your organization more deeply than any other supplier.

Leverage Insights with Actions

The valuable insights we achieve with this understanding help us to develop services that will truly meet your needs and help you to achieve your goals.  We turn insights into actions.  At Bovie, we don’t just tell you about our commitment to get the job done right and on-time, we show you!

Deliver Quality Services, On Time

We fully appreciate that nothing impacts your sales throughput more than missed supplier delivery dates. So, we are and have always been committed to providing on-time, dependable deliveries to each of our customers. With an industry leading on-time delivery rate, Bovie makes your job easier and helps to improve production throughput.


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