Membrane Switches

membrane switchesA membrane switch is a multi-layered, flat electrical switch used to activate and deactivate circuits. Because the switch is perfectly sealed one layer to the next, it is the ideal switch for harsh environments, including outdoor applications.

In contrast to mechanical switches, membrane switches offer:

  • The ability to print on flexible, heat stabilized materials using conductive inks
  • Superior reliability combined with low-cost performance
  • Increased graphic appeal of a printed overlay

Are Membrane Switches the Right Solution for Your Application?

They can be custom designed for hundreds of applications, from simple control panels for heavy machinery to complicated and sensitive medical devices. Membrane switches are the perfect user-interface solution where reliability and low risk to breakage is required.

Membrane switches are typically made of five layers:

  • Backer adhesive
  • Flexible silver ink circuit with its connecting tail
  • Spacer
  • Metal domes
  • Buffer and top overlay

Why Choose Bovie?

Bovie manufactures the switch to meet your specifications. Each layer is individually die-cut to allow for the metal domes and “windows” for LEDs or to permit a display produced by the equipment application.

In addition, Bovie’s specialists help you to realize the full impact of your switch. We work with your team of engineers and marketing professionals to assure that each of your switches are manufactured to both meet your functional requirements and enhance your brand appeal.

We assure that the switch design addresses any harsh conditions that may apply, that the metal domes have the optimal tactile feedback, the electrical circuits are properly shielded, the materials meet all appropriate certifications and that the overlay’s appearance incorporates state-of-the-art textures, embossing, and coatings.

Among the design features that may be added to your switch includes the following design choices:

  • Embedded LED’s
  • Selective texturing
  • Embossing
  • Backlighting
  • Dead front graphics
  • Complete panel assemblies
  • ESD/RFI shielding
  • Multiple interconnect configurations
  • Domes, Tactile and non-tactile
  • Flexible conductive silver circuits
  • Kapton flex circuits


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