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 Roll labels are used in specialized applications for commercial permits, inventory control, industrial information, user safety/instructional information and a host of consumer applications. We specialize in labels printed on substrates other than paper and used in precision manufacturing, medical and other technologically sophisticated environments. Bovie is ISO 9000/2015 certified and meets most MIL specifications including RoHS, UL/CSA and more.

Roll LabelsRoll LabelRoll labels may be manufactured using many substrates, inks, laminates, etc. Some of the features and processes available to Bovie’s customers include the following.
* Hot Stamp Foil
* Thermal transfer
* Letterpress
* Digital
* Pin Feed
* Sequential numbering
* Consecutive or static barcodes
* Hand entry of information
* Dot matrix printability
* Imaging by laser printer
* Tamperproof proof materials