Gaskets and Insulators

gaskets and insulatorsEight years ago, responding to our customers’ needs, Bovie began manufacturing custom designed gaskets, seals, and insulators from natural and synthetic rubber and leather as well as foam, flexible, and rigid materials. We quickly realized that we had much to learn.

Innovation Inspired Through Research and Development

Gaskets are used to fill the space between surfaces of component parts, filling in irregularities, dampening vibration, reducing noise or leaking of liquids. They are an important component in everything from pumping systems to food processors. Insulators are used to prevent, slow down or reduce the transfer of heat or electrical energy. Generally, they are constructed of materials with very low electrical or thermal conductivity such as plastic, rubber, foam sponges, and even your custom designed laminations. Insulators and shields are used in the manufacture of electrical and electronic parts as protection from voltage, EMI/RFD and flame resistance.

Gaskets and Flexible Insulators - Custom Designed to Meet Your Needs

Today, Bovie offers to produce gaskets and flexible insulators, die-cut or laser-cut to the precise tolerances and using materials ranging in thickness and density. They may be customized in full face, ring, or in specified lengths and widths.

Your customer designed gaskets, seals and insulators may be manufactured from a full range of materials including natural rubber, butyl rubber, silicone foam, nomex, neoprene sponge, polyesters, EPDM, and synthetic fibers.

The performance characteristics of these materials vary, ranging from:

  • Extreme temperature tolerance
  • Anti-vibration
  • Noise dampening
  • Gas permeability
  • Abrasion resistance

Our specialists assure that your parts are made to achieve your desired result.

Why Choose Bovie?

Bovie is ISO 9001/2015 certified and meets specifications for RoHS, UL/CSA and more.

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