Graphic Overlays

graphic overlaysGraphic overlays are rugged decals used on many types of machines, appliances, and heavy equipment for branding purposes and to inform and instruct your customers.  Typically constructed of flexible polycarbonate or polyester and screen printed on the second surface, they offer distinct aesthetic appeal while remaining highly resistant to everyday wear and tear.


Optimize the Performance of Your Graphic Overlays

Bovie’s team of specialists work with our customers to optimize the performance of their graphic overlays.  Together we explore solutions to challenges your products must overcome. 

Some common examples, include:

  • Are they exposed to harsh environments?
  • Must they withstand temperature extremes?
  • Do you find that your current overlays fade or change color after prolonged periods in direct sunlight?
  • Should they be able to resist exposure to damaging chemicals or solvents?


Choosing a Graphic Overlay Printer

In addition to your graphic overlays’ functional purpose, the overall aesthetic serves as a reflection of your brand and aids in credibility. If you want your customers to believe in the durability and reliability of your products, then you’ll want your overlays to reinforce that image.  Some aspects to consider when choosing a graphic overlay printing partner are…

  • Have you noticed that colors seem to change from one production set of overlays to the next or from one variation of a part to the next?
  • Must you match the painted surface of your product to the color on your printed labels?
  • Do your overlays hold up over time in the field?

Selecting durable substrates of polycarbonate or polyester, or covering less durable materials like vinyl with high impact overlaminating film, is step one.  Selecting an adhesive matched to the surface of your product to receive the overlay is also essential.

Why Choose Bovie?

Bovie supports you by maintaining absolute color integrity and recommending adhesives that are specifically designed for the outer surface of your product, including stainless steel, painted, or powder coated, or brushed surfaces.

Your graphic overlays can be manufactured with many design features or processes:

  • Embossing
  • Selective texturing
  • Doming
  • Dead fronts
  • Display/LED windows
  • Precision Die cutting
  • Custom color matching
  • Laser cutting
  • Prototyping

If you are interested in learning more about how Bovie can bring your graphic overlays to the next level, contact us today.

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