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Serial Numbered Labels

Serial numbering shows the position of an item in a series for the purposes of identification, and tracking. This benefits a company’s inventory and production through software, and barcode scanners. The serial numbers can be printed on the label, or hand written as needed.  The more popular forms of serial numbered labels are:
Metal numbered tags
Foil Asset Labels
Serial number barcode labels
Metal serial number tags
Tamper Evident Labels
Dual Asset Label
Property Labels
Cable wrap serial number labels
Destructible asset labels
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A gasket is a mechanical seal that fills the space between two objects, which prevent leakage between the two objects under compression. Gaskets are commonly made by cutting from sheet materials, such as rubber, silicone, metal, neoprene, gasket paper, fiberglass or plastic polymer. They are also used in anti-vibration, and electrical insulation applications.

Gaskets come in many different designs, shapes, colors, and thickness. View more about gaskets here.

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Water Slide Decals

During the 1920’s to the 1940’s, Water Slide Decals were used in early automotive and marine industries. It was an easy method of marking products in mass production without having to apply wet ink to the product during its manufacture, saving time. Today, Water Slide Decals are first produced by either a screen print or digital process, then the decals have two simple but critical materials to incorporate. The first is a gum glue paper that the decals will be printed on. The glue is water soluble and the back of the paper is porous. The second material involved is the clear coat or ‘cover coat’ that is equivalent to a pre-mask on a vinyl decal. After the printing is completed and dried it is ready for application. The decal is immersed in warm water and the glue softens in seconds allowing the decal to “slide” off the paper and on to the product.  The water is gently squeezed out of the decal and left to set-up in its finished position to dry. Soaking the decal too long will soften the ink and the clear cover coat, possibly destroying it.

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Graphic Overlays

Graphic overlays can be unique to each application, and your specifications are critical from start to finish. The second surface printing technique resists scratching and fading to your product. Printed digitally, or screen printed, the overlays will showcase the vibrant colors of your design using the ink matching system of our Spectrophotometer. View more about graphic overlays.
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Materials coated with germ-gate effectively kill 99% of test microbes protecting the product from fungal damage and eliminates odor causing bacteria.  The silver in Germ-Gate binds bacteria proteins, deactivating odor-causing bacteria and fungus. Silver is released through ion exchange with sodium. Designed for controlled release permitting long-term local silver concentration above the antimicrobial threshold.
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Plastic Fabrication

We manufacture acrylic products according to customer specifications, working from a drawing, engineering designs, or even samples of the products. The plastic comes in many different colors, that are transparent, or solid. The plastic can be printed to finish off your important project, to make things a little more creative. View more about plastic fabrication.
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SGIA Recognition

SGIA stands for Specialty Graphic Imaging Association, which recognizes individuals who have contributed to the technical growth and/or advancement of the screen and digital printing industry.

Bovie Printing & Fabrication has been a member of SGIA for 40 years.



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Our Graphic Designer Thomas Campbell Created a Logo for the MTA

Bovie Printing & Fabrication would like to congratulate Thomas Campbell for creating the new “Zip Line” logo for the MTA City transit buses. The Route 9 is the express buses that will go to Nashua, Goffstown, Hooksett, Bedford, and Concord.

Thomas started as an intern from Manchester Community College and then was hired on as our Graphic Designer/Marketing Assistant.  

The Manchester Union Leader did a full article on the new rebranding -  http://www.unionleader.com/Manchester-begins-rebranding-of-bus-fleet

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Printing on Customer Supplied Material

Dip Jar, and electronic tipping and donation appliance have chosen Bovie Printing and Fabrication for their product marking. The company's device allows customers to tip for great service using a credit card. It is also used to receive donations for charitable and medical associations.The company personalizes the units for the end users, in quantities of 50 to 1000. The markings use the Dip Jar logo and the name of the sponsor.




To read more about the Dip Jar Project check out their blog.


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New Sign

Since 1950 we have made it a goal to present our company in a concise, professional way. Over the years, changing our logo and adding different variations has happened. We recognize what is required of us to continue to stay up to date with the busy times we all live in. This involves updating our companies presence and streamlining our passion for quality, reliability, and integrity.


Therefore we are proud to announce a new original logo. Along with this new logo, we have installed an updated sign at our manufacturing plant on 4 Northeast Ave, Bow, N.H. 03304. We thank everyone who collaborated in the effort to update our company's presence and wish everyone success in furthering their work experience.
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Layers of a Membrane Switch

For over 67 years Bovie Printing And Fabrication has been a leading manufacturer of Membrane Switches, a product widely used in appliance, medical, and the electronics industry. Membrane Switches offer an economical alternative to mechanical switches because they allow for graphic overlay design, and can facilitate brand marking. A typical Membrane Switch is constructed in the following layers:

  1. The graphic overlay layer is a polyester or polycarbonate film, printed on the second surface with a switch location, and copy required. The display of the buttons can be flat or embossed, with led windows, which add functionality.
  2. Top circuit layer contains shorting pads which close the electrical circuit when depressed through a spacer layer.
  3. Spacer layers act as a circular spring separating the two circuits. The function of the spacer is to allow room inside the switch for the tactile domes to rest without being subjected to partial compression by the layers around the domes.
  4. The bottom circuit layer has both poles, and the switch array, and the tail which connects to the printed circuit board.
  5. Adhesive layers allow the switch to be permanently mounted onto a smooth surface.



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Steel Rule Dies

Steel rule Dies are used to cut the final shape of a decal or overlay. They can be manufactured in any shape to match the features required by the customer in the finished part. When used, the Die cuts like a cookie cutter; it is forced, under pressure through the material to produce the desired shape.
The Dies are made by laser cutting a design into a piece of birch plywood, then sharp blades are inserted into those cuts. The die is then put in a die press and the parts are cut out to their final shape.
Steel Rule Die Press                                 Die Cut Part from Steel
                                                               Rule Press
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Pad Printing

Pad printing was developed in the 60s and 70s with advances in silicone transfer pad chemistry. The process involves and etched plate called a cliché and a silicone pad, allowing a 2D image to be printed on a 3D part. It is primarily used to print directly on curved or intricate manufactured parts, giving customers the option of sending us their parts to be printed on and returned.
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Domed Labels

Domed labels are an attractive label which adds extra value to the overall appearance. The clear polyurethane cap which, after the curing (hardening), allows the printing to have a 3-D look. A domed label can be applied to a variety of items such as; the rear of an automobile, store hangers, appliances and electronics.
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Matching Ink Colors

The correct colors on an overlay are one of the most important parts of the job, and that is where we use color chip proofing to match a customer’s specific color needs. When the customer requires an exact color, it is important that it is matched thoroughly to their design, on the same material that will be used in production.
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Roll Labels

Roll labels are carried on a continuous backing sheet with the liner wound around a core. The core is a tube made of paper,
cardboard or plastic. Different size labels can be made in a variety of shapes and colors. Barcode, numbered, reflective, permanent or removable adhesive,thermal imprint and date code features are easily created to add to a label design.
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Inspection of parts

Engineering activities inspection involves the measurements, tests, and gauges applied to certain characteristics in regard to an object or activity. The results are usually compared to specified requirements and standards for determining whether the product is to the customer’s satisfaction.  Inspections are usually non-destructive. Whenever work is done or a product or part is made—whether it is a piece of hardware manufactured on the assembly line, a memo typed by a secretary, or code developed by software programmers—it should be inspected to see that it fulfills the requirements and specifications. This is certainly a wise business practice. Some companies accept a certain failure rate, while others try to correct the problems they see from their inspection. Inspecting and then correcting will save company money.
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Pressure Sensitive Label

Pressure sensitive labels are the preferred product for adhering to nearly any surface without additional bonding agents or processing beyond application pressure. As the name "pressure-sensitive" indicates, the degree of bond is influenced by the amount of pressure which is used to apply the adhesive to the surface. A pressure sensitive label consists of a face stock material (paper or plastic film), a pressure sensitive adhesive, and a release liner. The backing can be peeled off and the labels are applied permanently to another surface. Pressure sensitive labels are one of the most popular and widely used labels today. They can work with single label applications or for front and back labels. The PS labels can be printed up to 10 colors and 20" wide.
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Technical Graphic Printing

The innovative technologies of the screen printing industry involves product marking, fabrication of plastics, metals and customer supplied parts. Cutting, laminating, forming and fabrication of parts, displays and equipment’s are also part of the product mix. Technical graphic applications cover a wide variety of non-conventional graphic surfaces with endless possibilities. The varied users of screen printing are mechanical, medical, electronic, retail and advertising venues. Color is an integral part of the screen printing business. The use of color and the different applications allow ink to stick to practically any surface. The processes apply ink in thickness up to 100x greater than conventional printing. 
Screen printing will help a company enter new markets and maximize the product's potential by adding information, branding and instruction.
Technical screen printing involves using varied equipment and techniques depending on the specifications of the job. Colored inks are a significant part of screen printing. Some of the different techniques we use are:
  • Digital printing technology
  • Roll to roll printing
  • Custom hand printing
  • Flexographic Printing
  • Rotational Printing
  • Screen printing
  • Pad printing
  • Thermal transfer
  • Hot stamping
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The Benefits of Doing Business Locally

"One hand washes the other"
Here are some reasons why Bovie Screen Process Printing values doing business with their New England neighbors.
  • Help better customer Communications -
    Interchanges are better with a business that you can easily get to by walking, driving or via public transportation and are often independently owned by people in the area. National firms, whether brick-and-mortar or online, don't qualify. The customer and the business owner get to have a face to face relationship.
  • Supports the local economy -
    Compared to chain stores, locally owned businesses recycle a much larger share of their revenue back into the local economy, enriching the whole community.
  • Reduces the cost of freight -
    Products and jobs can be delivered by car or truck or mailed locally, which would reduce the cost of shipping.
  • Encourages mutual purchasing -
    One hand washes the other. If a company does do business with another local company, that company, in turn, will give the other local company business, if they can. Or they may refer another company to their neighboring business they can create a local "web".
  • Provides leads to other services and products and services -
    Companies that you already do business with can be a source of references for future services that your company may need and vice versa. 
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